At the moment, there are over 600 blockchain that exists, with a whole lot more under construction by ICOs. In the lieu of the hype for all things blockchain related, it would be anticipated that a huge number of transactions were flying through distributed ledgers each day. Aside from the top four blockchain, nobody is actually using them.


This technology is still in its early days. This means that it will take some time to see their visions and claims materialize. According to an examintation of blockchain, the most used out of hundreds of this technology are Ethereum, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum Classic, Dogecoin and Bitcoin Cash.

Ethereum was leading the charts at the time of the examination, clearing in at 980,000 transactions at the time. Statistics show that ETH close in to nearly one million transactions a day.



However, some believe that a good 10% of Ethereum’s total daily transactions are carried out to be the work of a large mixer controlled by a single organization. The root of these temporary ETH addresses is not known, but they do serve as the main reason for the inflation of daily transactions.

Over two dozen ICOs take place on the ETH blockchain daily, and a hefty share of those transactions are mostly people sending their coins to buy into crowd sales or purchasing newly developed ICO tokend on Etherdelta ; A near 5% of ethereum’s daily transaction also comes from Ethedelta.


In another perspective, the ethereums’s blockchain is utilized as a way to invest in the development of more blockchains. As soon as these blockchains are completed, some if not most, will be anticipated to launch their own ICOs on their platforms.


The O.G. Blockchain

Most spam on the bitcoin network has been eliminated, due to the rising of transaction fees. Most people are using the bitcoin blockchain to pay for everyday needs and not for paying superfluous things online or hop into the next vaporwave sale. Despite coming in second to ethereum in regards to the transaction volume, bitcoin’s value is greater in fiat value and also regarding its actual function.

Overall, the daily transaction of the top 20 blockchains average about two million.