SearchTrade Revolutionizes the Monetization of Search Engines.

Bitcoin is revolutionizing advertising – of that there is no doubt.

The ability for Bitcoin to instantly process micropayments makes it possible to pass on advertising expenses directly to the viewer, enabling new types of advertising structures to crop up. Bitcoin Faucets are the most popular example of this concept in action, even spawning their own Depositless Casino ( is a branch of this concept of the reassembly of the advertisement payment structure, which passes funds to users for general searches (if that keyword is one that pays out).

For a quick overview you can watch this:

By simply searching, users earn Bitcoin which is directly deposited into their Bitcoin wallet.

Members also have the option of purchasing keywords, which results in them being paid every time a search is made for the purchased term.

Building web and mobile apps in SearchTrade’s platform rewards developers with bitcoins when a user performs a search using their app.

Vishal has been working on SearchTrade for more than two years now, exploring opportunities in creating different kind of digital assets. Keywords used on search engine seemed a perfect fit since income generated per search can be calculated with precision.

“It isn’t fair”, says the video on, that Ad platforms make all of their money from the actions of the end user. Vishal wants to change that, and not just by having the users do “pointless activities” (like taking quizzes, clicking through ads, etc.) to earn them money, but instead by utilizing tools that are natural to the netizen’s activities as they are.

So if you’re interested in making money by doing things you already do online, starting with SearchTrade is not a bad idea, as Vishal’s vision of the future is going to be appealing to you.

A Hint at What’s Next

“Next we are building better search apps, speeding up the site, Adding content sharing to the mix,” Gupta stated.

He shared that with the new updates that the team is working on, people will be able to upload their videos, songs and more and get paid every time they are clicked upon from’s pool.

SearchTrade is Just the Beginning

Vishal Gupta was not shy at all in suggesting that the world of advertising is going to completely change with the help of Bitcoin (and perhaps other currencies), and his company will be at the top of the heap in the coming paradigm shift.

All of your normal tasks online, looking at photos, sharing videos, posting your own art, and more could be changed forever.