This August at the luxurious Emperors Palace in Johannesburg, South Africa will be the event of the year for iGaming Marketers.

The game is changing for casino marketing around the world. Las Vegas, Atlantic City, and even Macau are reorganizing their land-based efforts to keep up with the ever changing face of the gambling industry, and the online gaming world – and online casino marketing strategy – is no exception.

2016 is the year of ‘big data’ in marketing – and many professionals are struggling to keep up with the newest innovations in technology in marketing casinos online and offline.

According to the event organizers, coping with the gap between traditional efforts and ‘digital marketing’ have been a tough bridge to gap, with many team leaders “even going so far as to ban the word ‘digital’ from the vocab of their marketing teams.” The Forum is specifically designed to bring together the best minds of the industry and bring together the traditional and modern marketing efforts to create a package that will, in no uncertain terms, keep the marketing departments of Casinos on the job.

Casino marketers have an enormous task in keeping up with all the new digital and marketing innovation and developments, while at the same time executing in an economic environment that simply does not afford big marketing budgets and departments. And they have to perform. Delivering exceptional results that directly affect the bottom line of the casino property is part and parcel of why they are appointed. – Yudi Soetjiptadi, Project Director at Eventus-International

Some of the key themes for the CMF 2016 include:

  • In-depth analysis and updates on marketing and digital trends and innovations

  • Content marketing for casinos

  • Modern player development in the gaming industry

  • Joining the biggest marketing shift in decades – online video

  • Brand strategy and why it matters now more than ever

  • Getting your affiliate programme out of its comfort zone

  • Big data and dealing with the explosion of data

  • Why you should go mobile first

  • Understanding the programmatic revolution

  • Pulling it all together through an integrated strategy

The event is as ambitious as it is pragmatic, for combining these trends to create a bona fide marketing package is going to be what it takes to stay ahead of the curve. At the rate marketing is changing, it is simply not an option to stay behind the curve.


To attend the event simply send your details to and they will reply with the information you require.