The revolutionary hardware wallet manufacturer BitLox envisions a future focused on privacy.

There is a difference between security and privacy – it’s the same difference between using Tails and a more advanced system like Qubes or Whonix.

In today’s world the privacy and security concerned are often associated with criminal activities. But take into account the difference between a system like Windows and one such as Qubes.

Windows is focused on the user experience and maintaining its position as the most popular OS, and this shift of focus from security to UI can cause absolutely enormous problems – as it did last year when a Windows Machine could be hacked by changing a ‘single bit’ of code. 

When your company resources are spent on developing a system that ‘feels’ good, sometimes you miss out on making something that actually works, and it is unfair to assume that users who take this very valid concern into consideration are criminals.

Dana L. Coe, Founder and CEO of BitLox Ltd., a company that manufactures an indestructible titanium Bitcoin wallet with more security features than any other wallet to date, agrees with this notion that privacy and security should not be associated with criminals.

bitlox_app_logoOn whether or not he believes the market for anonymity is growing, Dana had this to say:

Oh, it’s definitely a growth market for anonymity. People are becoming more and more aware of the ramifications of absolutely everything being under scrutiny. We are just trying to help people to start with a single aspect of that and help them to keep it private.

The market is growing – fast. With the collapse of Silk Road came over 40 new markets in its place. And amongst the wide variety of goods sold on these markets sits BitLox. A testament to the true viability of these ‘darknet’ markets for real, tangible goods that aren’t ‘adventurous’ in nature.

The advantages [of these markets] are that the little guy – such as mom & pop eBay sellers – are then not beholden to faceless corporate behemoths. Who has not heard of small business owners getting ripped off by eBay or paypal for undisclosed reasons? An interesting development is markets such as Open Bazaar where even the infrastructure is distributed. We are getting a shop set up there, and will be ready when they go off testnet to the main network.

Imagine a world where it’s common to go to AlphaBay to pick up your next Christmas present for your nephew. It’s not so farfetched when you consider recent data leaks that people will want to buy using a platform that is built not to facilitate illicit activities but to protect them from careless companies.


BitLox Bitcoin Hardware Wallet

So what does BitLox do to protect you?

The technical specs of the system itself are extremely impressive. The private keys are never exposed to the internet, and 4 levels of alphanumeric PIN codes ensure that even if your wallet is stolen that no one will ever be able to get in.

The wallet even has a secure-wipe function, so if you’re ever physically compromised the wallet data can be wiped clean.

The BitLox Extreme Privacy set also comes with an encrypted thumb drive.

The USB “stick” has an internal battery and keypad. You need to enter your configurable PIN before it is even recognized by the computer. And once it is unlocked, it functions as a regular USB drive – no drivers needed. We worked with the factory to tweak some settings, so now it works as a boot volume too. The stick comes pre-loaded with TailsOS (of course this can be reformatted and reinstalled or you may put something else on it) and can be used to boot practically any modern computer. We’ve tested it with a wide range of PC (lenovo, sony, toshiba, generic) and Apple machines. Works great (within the limitations of Tails itself). The BitLox Wallet may be used with TailsOS too! A few extra (open source) components are required to install, but it’s pretty straightforward.

The wallet connects with your phone via Bluetooth, making it the first Bitcoin wallet in the world to do so, and all critical information is entered on the BitLox itself so you don’t have to worry about inputting vital information on your phone or computer.

BitLox is feature rich, and the motivations are sincerely rooted in the notion that privacy should be in the grasp of the user.

Dana ended our conversation with this prolific point:

The most amazing thing in all of this is that with but a string of words one may store wealth securely without relying on authority to vouch for it. It is all the magic of the Numbered Swiss Bank Account without the all-too human bankers that can be and sadly these years have been heavily pressured into giving up their clients at the whims of the authoritarian State.