Casinos in Bits and Pieces – faucet casino and full fledged Bitcoin Casino tie up could make big waves.

In a recent review from The Merkle which dived into the impressive setup of, a ‘rumor’ was mentioned wherein a potential tie up between and the newly established faucet casino could shift the tide for BetCoin to get new Bitcoiners. Read the full quote from The Merkle below:

Future upgrades will be coming to the Faucet Game platform too, as the owner has informed us multiplayer poker will be added over the next few weeks. Similar to all of the other games on the platform, there will be no external Bitcoin deposits accepted. Faucet Game players might want to start saving up some of their credits for when this new feature launches. Additionally, there is a rumour about a potential deal with Betcoin, which would let Faucet Game users withdraw funds to their Betcoin account. Plus, they would receive 10% of their withdrawal amount on top, courtesy of Faucet Game.

Faucets earn their money from advertising – and some of the ad revenue is passed directly to the player. In FaucetGame’s case, those earnings are being used by players in a casino where “most of the games are rigged to favour the player.” It’s a bold, yet obvious move by FaucetGame which will pay off for them in the end.

The casino does not accept deposits, and instead relies on the sale of premium and VIP accounts, wherein users get access to exclusive chat rooms and an ad free experience – all for just 0.01/month or 0.1 lifetime.

However, this rumor of a heavy hitting Bitcoin Casino and the Bitcoin Faucet Casino could mean a lot more than a few thousand satoshis for everyone involved – and, on the other hand it may not.

Say what you want about faucet traffic – it’s obvious that you won’t find heavy hitters among the ranks – but FaucetGame has a unique opportunity to brand themselves as THE segue into the Bitcoin gaming world. There’s no deposit required, no reason to buy Bitcoin from an exchange when you’re not ready, and no reason to make a commitment to a currency with which you’re not familiar. There are, however, still obvious advantages of Bitcoin gaming lurking in every corner of the site – malleable bet amounts, instant cashouts, quick withdrawals, no blackout dates, etc. – and I firmly believe that if FaucetGame takes the direction of becoming the entryway into the Bitcoin Casino world then this tie up with will be huge for both parties.

What this should spell out for everyone is that the traditional way of thinking about online casinos is long gone. Legacy Casinos would be wise to put up their guard because it’s clear that now it’s adapt or die in the wild west world of Bitcoin.