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Bitcoin takes its popularity to the artistic level.
As Bitcoin continue to make waves globally, solidifying its place as the most popular form of digital-currency, it has recently been the center of attention by the arts community as three artists showcased masterpieces using Bitcoin as a subject.

Lindsey Nobel(Los Angeles), Poesy Liang(Malaysia), and Karen Zahray(New York) are three spirited artists coming from different parts of the globe, joining together in giving the viewing public a glimpse of their unique views and perspectives about Bitcoin.

Coming from different disciplines and professional backgrounds, their take on cryptocurrency depicts various levels of Bitcoin’s importance, direction and mere existence.

Nobel, a multi-media artist recalls that she first heard about Bitcoin from her art collector during her visit at Wall Street.

Her view of the human body’s inevitable connection to the world is seen in her pieces, “These connections are how everything works,” Nobel stated.

Liang on the other hand specializes in jewelry, fashion design and writing.

She paid attention to Bitcoin as she is surrounded by a handful of founders and start-ups of Bitcoin.

Zahray, the last member of the group, started to gain knowledge of Bitcoin upon being invited to participate in a money-themed group art show in Brooklyn.

Zahray’s art pieces captured her fascination with Bitcoin’s mystery, “What interests me the most about Bitcoin are all of the possibilities,” she said.

One of her pieces is entitled “Value and Mystery”, which presents a Bitcoin symbol in the middle of the frame and was available for purchase in Bitcoin.

It is not the first time that the artistic community has shared the spotlight with Bitcoin. There have been numerous art pieces being sold in brick and mortar as well as online galleries carrying Bitcoin as a subject. As a matter of fact, there are galleries that are now accepting Bitcoin as a form of payment in exchange of art pieces.

By far, as survey and other discussion forum shows, it is the excitement and perceived mystery of Bitcoin are two of the top reasons why a huge following and clamor is given to it, a notion which also happens to be true for Nobel.

Nobel believes that the web is as alive as the human body, with ideas and currency being transmitted rapidly from one place to another, similar to the nervous system. Nobel shared that it is the vast reach and simplicity of transferring Bitcoin that intrigues her.

She also added, that it is fascinating how Bitcoin became an international currency bringing people closer to a global society.

As Bitcoin continue to grow and further penetrate businesses, socio-political communities and other organizations, time only could tell about what the future brings for the so-called digital currency but for now, its popularity and high value shows a bright future for cryptocurrency.



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