Satoshi Nakamoto


Leah McGrath Goodman’s exposé about the real (?) Satoshi Nakamoto has sent the Internet and Bitcoin community buzzing. The two month investigation revealed that Satoshi Nakamoto is a 64-year Japanese American with a background in classified military engineering and loves collecting model trains. He is a humble man who lives with his mother in Temple City, California and drives a beat up Toyota Corolla.

However, Goodman received a smorgasbord of reaction from the digital folks; and perhaps, the most vocal about this is chief Bitcoin scientist Gavin Andresen who, in his Twitter handle said that he now regrets talking to the journalist. “I’m disappointed Newsweek decided to dox the Nakamoto family,” he said on Twitter. Dox is an Internet jargon for revealing one’s identities.

On Reddit’s subforum dedicated to Bitcoin, reactions vary from fascination, anger and disbelief. One commenter said that Newsweek “didn’t bother to respect his privacy at all.” Another one said that the “article reveals so much about him that he’s now easy to find.”

Despite these comments, prominent Bitcoin personalities are still in denial about the discovery. Charlie Shrem, the former CEO of BitInstant is sceptical about Goodman’s report and believes that the real Nakamoto is still out there. He said told CoinDesk that he finds “it hard to believe that a guy who’s name is Dorian Nakamoto who went sooo far, farther than anyone I know to hide is (sic) anonymity, signed messages with PGP, used a throw away email address, avoided all emails about his personal like, worked for the US government, would use his REAL name on potentially the most groundbreaking technological innovation of our time.”

Newsweek’s piece on the identity of Satoshi Nakamoto elicited mixed emotions in Bitcoin communities and social media. No matter what people think about this, one thing is for sure, it hasn’t affected the network protocol and bitcoin’s value.